The front cover to Fractals, the sequel to Quentin Quark and the Cult of the Singularity. About a series of interconnected sub-realities that resulted when Jane Larkin, one of the protagonists of the first book, suffered a severe mental collapse. Each one was a sort of riff on different characters from pulp, comics, sf etc.

The Space Vagrant was a Doctor Who-type character who worked in tandem with D’jinz-El Ah Rhakin, the Maitreya (Buddha) of the Future.

Jarko Lane was a Black Mask-style hardboiled detective. On drugs.

The Morrigan was a female Batman/The Shadow archetype, the twist being that she had several alter egos who could call the Morrigan, a transpersonal memetic entity or egregore, into their minds at any time.

Emily Skylark was basically Emma Peel from The Avengers, whom with her debonair sleuthing partner, John Plantagenet-Bois, was given licence to kill unauthorised time travelers by the British Government’s Ministry of Anachronisms.

This is all why I don’t really take drugs any more.


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Laurence Thompson

Laurence Thompson is an English writer. He is almost certainly drunk.

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