Alan Shearer: National Socialist

When asked for his prediction for the Euro ’12 victors, the ex-England number 9 commented that Germany were his favourites, because they “know how to win tournaments.”

I had a look through the Germany squad to see what he was talking about… and I can’t find a single player who has won an international tournament. In fact, I don’t even notice a single player who has won a Champions League.

So, quite clearly, Shearer is a believer in race memory. He believes that the blood of Mats Hummels, say, has a mystical connection to that of Franz Beckenbauer.

In short, he believes in German racial superiority.

I mean really, the signs were all there when he was still a player:

Can you spot the difference?

The sadistic grin. The nationalist symbol upon the breast. The armband. The salute. Hell, earlier in his career, Shearer’s shock of blond hair made him look like a prime candidate for the Hitler Youth, which is probably why he was recruited.

Who can forget that it was Shearer’s omission from the starting eleven that led to courageous anti-apartheid campaigner Ruud Gullit, one of the very few black managers in the country, being ignominiously sacked from his job at Newcastle? Or that it was again he who kept talented young black striker Carl Cort, and tireless club servant Shola Ameobi, respectively, out of the first team during his later career? Certainly, Shearer was one of the first to leap to the defence of fellow racist England captain John Terry, too.

More facts concerning Shearer’s lifelong flirtation with Ayran ideals and autocratic fascism:

– Shearer’s first club was Southampton, a clear reference to the American Deep South and his idealistic support of the Confederate States of America. Southampton was also touted by Hitler’s generals as being a key potential landing site for an invasion of the British Isles, and was one of the worst victims of the Blitz by the German Luftwaffe during WWII.

– He only moved from Southampton to join a club called Black-Burn, almost certainly because the name reminded him of lynchings and human bonfires perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan. He served here under Kenny Dalglish, who would later reveal himself to have racist leanings during his support of Luis Suarez.

– Shearer refused to join Manchester United, probably because Manchester was the site of Freidrich Engels’ textile mill, and the place that served as inspiration for his early socialist treatise The Condition of the English Working Class.

Kick racism out of football: get Alan Shearer off Match of the Day.


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