I love lists, part II

(Part I)

In my writers I want to read list, I noticed I didn’t have enough women. No longer a problem.


Lydia Davis

Rebecca West

Annemarie Schwarzenbach (some translator really needs to pull their finger out on this one)

Elfriede Jelinek (mainly because I loved the film adaptation of The Piano Teacher)

Nadine Gordimer

Zadie Smith (I actually started White Teeth, didn’t like it, and gave up, but her rather brilliant essay she wrote on Joseph O’Neill and Tom McCarthy threatened to become my manifesto for a while, and I’ve just ordered a book of her nonfiction)

Gertrude Stein

Colette (I read April in… well, April of this year, after hearing it described as the truest and most unsentimental love story in literature. I cannot wait to read more)

Katherine Anne Porter


Published by

Laurence Thompson

Laurence Thompson is an English writer. He is almost certainly drunk.

4 thoughts on “I love lists, part II”

  1. Wasn’t Stein a Nazi?

    Also, I really liked White Teeth, though you can imagine that my experience of England (none) had something to do with it. I’ve been patiently waiting for her to go back to fiction, but I may have to pick up some of her non-fiction collections to tide me over.

    1. Yeah: Stein supported the Vichy regime and Petain, despite the fact that. being a Jew and openly gay, she was supporting something that was actually extremely dangerous for her to live under (though she enjoyed some protection through her friendship with Bernard Fay). There’s a lot of excuses and explanations thrown about for this.

      1. Some exhibition of her art just opened in New York, I think, and there was a fair amount of outrage that her political affiliations weren’t covered.

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